Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Fast & Furious audio: Border Patrol agent killed by F&F weapons was “collateral damage”

It’s not an ATF agent who utters those magical words, it’s the Arizona gun dealer who was working with the ATF on Fast & Furious. He utters them to an ATF agent, though, to which she replies with a cryptic “mm-hmm.” Callousness — or strategy?

However, the lawyer representing the Lone Wolf Trading Co. says owner Andre Howard made the tapes only after he suspected he was being lied to, and his language is meant to get Hope MacAllister, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to implicate herself and her agency in their illegal gun running scheme.

Obama: I wear my class warfare as a badge of honor

He’s a warrior for the middle class, don’tcha know, even though it’s the middle class that’ll end up shouldering the load of Obamanomics once people realize that we can’t possibly tax the Warren Buffetts of the world enough to pay for everything. Further to that point, check out the snazzy chart posted yesterday at the Atlantic by Daniel Indiviglio. Even if we took the “Buffett rule” to its ultimate extreme and confiscated 100 percent of the earnings of people who take in $1 million or more each year, we’d eliminate less than one-third of the annual deficit. (That’s assuming, of course, that the deficit wouldn’t rise as economic activity collapsed under the new tax rate and the feds were forced to borrow more for stimulus.) More from David Freddoso: